Fujifilm's 3nd Annual IT Executive Seminar - Into Tomorrow with Tape Storage

Protecting The Data... and The Bottom Line!

June 8 - 11, Omni Interlocken Resort, Boulder, CO

Building an Efficient Storage Operation

Jon Toigo, Toigo Partners International

Storage managers have struggled with the same issues for years. Data volume keeps growing at an alarming pace - making backup and restore processes an ongoing struggle, while user and business demands keep growing, and capacity management and data migration become more and more critical -- and more and more complicated. And to further complicate things, server virtualization projects have been rapid and data center and storage sprawl have commenced. Toigo provides tips on optimizing your infrastructure to boost productivity, business agility, and survivability while also making the most of new technologies to stretch your IT budget dollar and staffing capabilities.

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Tape: New Game. New Rules

Fred Moore, Horison, Inc.

Are you up to date with the latest improvements in tape technology? If not, you’re not alone as much of the IT industry hasn’t kept up with the significant enhancements in tape since 2000. Perceptions of tape are often quite outdated and have been generated by lingering problems from older tape technologies. This presentation will highlight the significant improvements that have arrived, albeit with minimal market visibility, in tape reliability, capacity, performance, media life, and accessibility.

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Future of Tape Development and Applications

James Cates, Oracle Tape Technologies

In this session, James Cates, Vice President of Tape Engineering for Oracle Corporation, will share how tape fits into the overall storage architecture of leading IT enterprises with use cases for heterogeneous data protection, consolidation, archiving and cloud environments. He will present an analysis of storage technology futures that show the roadmap for tape storage in the context of other storage devices, including flash, disk and optical. Jim will show how these technologies compare today and what the future holds for tape technology and associated applications.

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Tape Migration for Large Archives

Henry Newman, Instrumental, Inc.

Archives are growing faster than tape density and the migration of these large tape archives requires careful planning to both ensure the integrity of the data being migrated and to ensure that SLAs continue to be met. This talk will address the best practices in required planning and system architecture considerations for migration of large tape archives.

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The Future of Tier III Archive

Rob Sims, Crossroads Systems, Inc.

See how the transformative Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology will enable the first enterprise, fully portable, non-proprietary Network Attached Tape Archive (NATA). Leveraging the multiple benefits of tape, NATA allows random file access and functionality, behaving just like a disk based NAS solution for standard CIFS or NFS interfaces.

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This is a Disaster Declaration! This is Not a Test.

Richard Dolewski, WTS, Inc.

We will examine two simultaneous disasters. Come and hear the actual account of the events, actions and challenges faced by both companies in these real world situations. Review step by step the timelines and events surrounding the disasters, the declarations, and the remedies applied in both situations. In addition we will discuss the internal and external influences (especially the human elements) that came into play as the scenarios unfolded. Were they ready? Did shortcuts and technical gaps come back to haunt them in their hour of need? What would you have done differently? You be the judge. At the end of this session you will give them their report card. Will it be an A+ or and F?

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Tape vs. Disk in the Real World

Matthew Parker, Dimensional DBA LLC

Matthew will discuss scaling petabyte backup systems comparing the merits of disk vs. tape in a real world environment and how the true cost model for tape can be significantly more effective than disk based systems or cloud storage.

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Special Report:

Conference on Tape Storage - Discard the Myths

by Mark Ferelli

The amount of information to take away from the conference was remarkable; long on usable information and short on spin.
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The conference was wonderful. The materials and discussions were great.
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