Fujifilm's 2nd Annual IT Executive Seminar - Into Tomorrow with Tape Storage

Protecting The Data... and The Bottom Line!

February 24 - 27, 2010 Barton Creek Resort & Spa, Austin, TX

The Evolving Role of Tape in the Overall Storage Challenge

John Teale, Distinguished Engineer, STG Storage Strategy, IBM Systems Group

A 30 year IBM veteran, John has developed every IBM tape drive since the 3480 in 1983 and was co-founder of the LTO consortia and most recently served as Lab Director for all tape solution development at IBM. John is currently working on technical and business strategy across the IBM storage portfolio and will share his view of the future role of tape in the data center and will address the undying question, "is tape dead?"

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Analysis of TCO of Tape vs. Disk

David Reine, Director, Enterprise Systems, The Clipper Group

David specializes in enterprise servers, storage, and software, strategic business solutions, and trends in open systems architecture. David will examine total cost of ownership of tape vs. disk considering several factors including the impact of power consumption in today's data center.

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The Benefits of Tape and How to Maximize it

Nathan Schumann, Instrumental, Inc.

With experience in the storage industry as a developer of high speed parallel disks, RAID systems, FC HBAs, file system design and as a system integrator for large HPC environments, Nathan will explain the advantages of data tape and the system obstacles that prevent maximum performance and how to overcome them.

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Ensuring Reliability in Tape Systems

David Cerf, EVP, Crossroads Systems, Inc.

After serving at NexQL in the development of advanced database acceleration technology, David joined Crossroads in 2005 and currently leads the global expansion efforts for Crossroad's innovative solutions in data tape system management. David will share his research findings and reveal the real issues behind reliable data recovery.

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The Green and Virtual Data Center

Greg Shulz, Founder and Author, StorageIO

As founder of the IT industry analyst and consultancy, StorageIO, Greg has worked with various server operating systems along with storage and networking software tools, hardware and services as a programmer, system administrator, disaster recovery consultant, and storage and capacity planner for various IT organizations. Greg will share his perspectives on the state of current and emerging technologies for enabling "The Green and Virtual Data Center".

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Accelerating Innovative Engineering Designs with HPC

Sharan Kalwani, Global HPC Architect, General Motors

Sharan has helped pioneer High Powered Computing (HPC) at many of the major automotive companies. HPC solves large sets of scientific, commercial and industrial problems and since data is created at a faster rate than any other usage, the most cost effective and reliable archive media must be used for later mining. Sharan will explain how data tape is effectively used and managed and why HPC is the key to a competitive edge.

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Overview and Best Practices for e-Discovery

Heidi Stenberg, Ernst & Young LLP

Heidi is Senior Manager of Ernst & Young's Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services division. Heidi will provide an overview of electronic discovery issues and discuss strategies for document retention and recovery while managing cost and risk.

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Q&A Session with Heidi Stenberg, Ernst & Young LLP

Follow-up Question and Answer session to Heidi's presentation.

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Speaker Panel

Speaker Panel, moderated by Mark Ferelli, Freelance Journalist and former editor-in-chief, Computer Technology Review magazine.

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