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FUJIFILM TapePower Center - 2010 Executive Seminar - Presentations

Fujifilm's 2nd Annual IT Executive Seminar - Into Tomorrow with Tape Storage

Protecting The Data... and The Bottom Line!

February 24 - 27, 2010 Barton Creek Resort & Spa, Austin, TX

Presentation Videos
You Survived the Great Recession, Now What?

Jon Toigo, Toigo Partners International

Data storage expert Jon Toigo takes a look at what corporate America's data centers had to do to simply survive the economic down turn and what they need to do going forward in the critical "c4" areas of compliance, continuity, cost containment and carbon footprint.

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The Evolving Roles of Tape and Disk in the High Performance-Data Protection Environment

Cindy Grossman, IBM

Data protection, cost, security and efficiency concerns are putting more pressure on managing the day-to-day storage operations of the data center, and it's now more important than ever to understand best practices for backup, long-term storage and data protection. In this session, Cindy Grossman, Vice President, IBM Tape and Archive Systems, will elaborate on current data protection trends, best practices for backup and archive, disk and tape storage strategies, costs of storage, user examples and the future direction for tape storage.

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The Truth about Tape Storage

Rob Sims, Crossroads Systems, Inc

This session provides attendees with simple, yet powerful tips on how to improve an existing storage system. Starting with a brief overview of the history of tape storage, the session quickly provides insight on why tape problems typically solicit finger pointing and not solutions. Instead of resolving tape problems by replacing tape and hoping the problem goes away, this session outlines four specific areas that cause tape problems: human/natural, drives, the systems, and media. What is often considered a hassle can shift to a money-saving exercise that solves defects by addressing the root problem.

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Demystifying Storage Hype - Life beyond Buzzword Bingo

Greg Shulz, Founder and Author, StorageIO

Archive, Backup, BC, Cluster, Cloud, Dedupe, DR, FCoE, iSCSI, IOV, LTO, Object Storage, Optimization, RAID, SSD, Tape, VTL or WAFS among others, do we have a buzzword BINGO yet? Many of these buzzwords, technologies or techniques are fun to talk about, however what's the business value proposition to your organizations, let alone the caveats? This fast pace session will take a quick look at some common storage hype and realities along with what to keep an eye on today and for the future.

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Backup and Recovery at Dell - lessons learned

Brian Monroe, Global Backup and Recovery Analyst, Dell Inc.

After a 7 year stretch with the University of California, Davis as a Sr. network administrator, Brian joined the Dell team in 2006 right in the middle of its attempt to migrate the entire backup and recovery operation in Austin from a tape library backup solution to a disk-to-tape backup solution. Listen in while Brian unfolds the story of why the decision was made in the first place, the bedlam that ensued, the lessons learned, and how Dell restored peace and order to its backup universe.

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Data Tape Migration, Who, What, When and Why

Gregory Servos, Ovation Data Services

This session will provide a thought provoking look into some of the issues, problems, benefits and ways to manage the information life cycle more efficiently, and how to better prepare for the inevitable; a complete data migration. With over 20 years of experience in data migration and data preservations, Gregory Servos will discuss the 5 golden "Ws" that every business should be aware of.

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Our National Pastime All The Time - Archiving for Future Generations

Tab Butler, Major League Baseball Network

Tab Butler, Director of Media Management at MLB Network discusses the challenges of capturing, cataloging, searching, and storing huge amounts of digital video content. With a rigid launch date of 1/1/09, and 50 million households watching, the MLB Network went on the air...but that was only half the story. The bigger challenge was managing up to 10 TB of new and unique digital video content per day, as we recorded the history of the 2009 MLB Season. Tab Butler shares his experiences and creative solutions in solving these challenges.

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Managing Terascale Computing Systems and Petascale Data Archives

Tommy Minyard, Texas Advanced Computing Center

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Speaker Panel

Moderated by Mark Ferelli, Freelance Journalist and former editor-in-chief, Computer Technology Review magazine.

The Summit will wrap up with the opportunity to engage the speakers in Q&A and address additional topics related to the Speaker presentations.

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Tape: The Zombie Technology

Tape plas a continuing role in meeting the storage challenge

by Mark Ferelli

Far from a commercial, the total amount of valuable information was, in the words of one data manager, 'staggering.'
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The conference was wonderful. The materials and discussions were great.
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