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2016 Global IT Executive Summit
The Summit is a three day event featuring presentations from industry experts, analysts, vendors and end users about the latest trends and best practices in storage. This year the Summit takes place in Boston where the traditions of exploration and innovation live on in what has become a hot bed for technology in general and storage specifically. Attendees from any industry will be able to gain valuable insight from our distinguished speakers and better understand how a new world of storage is emerging and how diverse technologies fit together to meet the data deluge challenge!
Available to: Exabyte Members
Free Barcode Labels
Fujifilm prints its own barcode labels to ensure fast turnaround time and error-proof identification of every data cartridge inside robotic library systems. Best of all, every barcode label is printed on demand and applied in a clean room at our Bedford, Massachusetts manufacturing facility. Our on-site label printing system can also add a custom logo to each barcode, aiding in security and visual identification. Use your TapePower membership to order your media with barcode labels from your reseller.
Available to:Terabyte Members, Petabyte Members and Exabyte Members
Free Library Packs
The Fujifilm Library Pack is perfect for today's automated storage environments. These special packs eliminate cumbersome and time-consuming individual media packaging. Removing the top lid reveals 20 tape cartridges ready to be immediately loaded into a library. The convenient built-in handles and stacking feature make it easy to keep fresh tapes on hand. Not only can library packs shorten your backup window, but they also help reduce data center waste. Use your TapePower membership to order your media in the Library Pack configuration from you reseller.
Available to:Terabyte Members, Petabyte Members and Exabyte Members
Free Custom Pad Prints
Now, there's an easy and powerful way to mark you data cartridges. Fujifilm's unique factory pad printing service gives you the ability to order cartridges with a customized logo or message pad printed on every cartridge. Custom pad printing provides an additional security measure to help identify and protect your data cartridge assets. Qualifying TapePower members get free custom pad printing on orders of 240 or more cartridges.
Available to:Petabyte Members and Exabyte Members
Free Tape Tracker
The industry's only wireless tape tracking security service. The Fujifilm Tape Tracker gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your tapes are protected during transportation, with a 24/7 monitoring center to assist your operations. Fujifind™, the secure web-based tracking software application powered by LoJack™ In Transit, lets you manage one or many trackers from any PC. Qualifying TapePower members receive a complimentary Tape Tracker and 1-year of service.
Available to:Petabyte Members and Exabyte Members
Fujifilm Factory Tour
Fujifilm is the recognized data tape technology leader creating innovative coating technologies from ATOMM to NANOCUBIC enabling such breakthrough products as DLTtape, LTO Ultrium, 3592 and T10000. Fujifilm builds millions of cartridges worldwide, more than any other competitor and uses high production standards (ISO 9001, 14001), sophisticated lot traceability and continuous testing to ensure superior reliability and quality. Qualifying TapePower members are invited for a special tour of our Bedford, Massachusetts manufacturing facility.
Available to:Petabyte Members and Exabyte Members
Free DC Analyser
The Fujifilm DC Analyser, with its RF and barcode reader, unlocks key information hidden inside every LTO cartridge memory chip. Information includes error codes, remaining capacity, total cartridges writes, reads, loads and age. The custom software package developed by Fujifilm provides access to this diagnostic information, with easy-to-read graphs that allow data managers to measure cartridge and drive health. The software will even recommend solution to problems and allow users to create a custom policy that grades every cartridge. Qualifying TapePower member receive a complimentary DC Analyser for 1 year.
Available to:Exabyte Members
Megapoints Rewards
As a TapePower member your company can earn points for every Fujifilm tape cartridge purchased. Points can be redeemed for a number of rewards that can easily be used by any IT department or data center. Petabyte members benefit from a 1.25 multiplier of their total points redeemed and Exabyte members benefit from 1.50 multiplier for the points earned on media purchases.

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