7th Annual Global IT Executive Summit - INTO TOMORROW WITH TAPE TECHNOLOGY

INTO TOMORROW WITH TAPE TECHNOLOGY ... investing in the future!


Fujifilm is pleased to welcome our valued customers from around the world to attend our 8th Annual Global IT Executive Summit. The Summit is a three-day educational conference featuring presentations from industry experts, analysts, vendors and end users about the latest trends and best practices in storage.

This year the Summit takes place in Boston where the tradition of exploration and innovation lives on in what has become a hotbed for technology in general and storage specifically. Attendees from all industries will be able to gain valuable insights from our distinguished speakers and better understand how a new world of storage is emerging and how diverse technologies fit together to meet the “data deluge” challenge. Join us in exploring the new world of storage!

Learn about:

  • How key vendors in storage are innovating in today’s dynamic world of storage and preparing for the future including IBM, Oracle, Spectra Logic, HPE and HGST!
  • What leading industry analysts like Jason Buffington, Fred Moore, Enrico Signoretti, Jon Toigo and others have to say on the trends in storage including flash, disk, tape, object storage, cloud storage, active archive, data protection, hyper-convergence, software defined storage and more!
  • How end users such as LinkedIn, Intuit, Pixar, LDS Church, University of Notre Dame and others are executing innovative data protection strategies to deal with exponential data growth today and tomorrow!

Highlights from 2015

More Highlights from Last Year

The conference was wonderful. The materials and discussions were great.
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