7th Annual Global IT Executive Summit - INTO TOMORROW WITH TAPE TECHNOLOGY

INTO TOMORROW WITH TAPE TECHNOLOGY ... investing in the future!


FUJIFILM Recording Media Hosts 7th Annual Global IT Executive Summit Featuring Exciting Panelists, Thrilling Presentations and a Hollywood Ending

The 2015 Global IT Summit was truly a unique industry event where FUJIFILM Recording Media U.S.A., Inc. brought together major tape technology vendors including IBM, Oracle, Spectra Logic, HP and Fujifilm in early October. The event focused on educating and informing large tape end users that needed to know not only what was already happening today, but what will be coming down the road in the future. 

This year, the Summit took place in Hollywood, California, the heart of the media and entertainment industry, where storage is a challenge now more than ever. Nearly 100 senior level IT executives representing industries from telecommunications, finance, government, manufacturing and energy to media and entertainment, Internet and Cloud had the opportunity to learn about the future of data tape technology.

The conference began with a welcome and corporate overview of Fujifilm from Peter Faulhaber, President of FUJIFILM Recording Media U.S.A., Inc.: “People want to know what everyone is investing in, and what Fujifilm is investing in. I can tell you that we’re committed to investing in the future of tape along with our partners.”

The Summit featured visionary industry analysts like Fred Moore of Horison Storage management, who set the stage by providing an insightful storage industry update; Tom Coughlin of Coughlin Associates; and Jon Toigo of Toigo Partners International – all who monitor the constantly changing trends in the industry that are impacting the best practices that are in place now and will be in place going forward.

“If you don’t have tape in the cloud, your cloud is going to burst,” said Fred Moore, President, Horison Information Strategies.

The meeting also included a diverse group of vendor speakers, including: Ed Childers and Mark Lantz from IBM; Tom Wultich from Oracle; Chris Powers from HP; and Molly Rector from Data Direct Networks. They shared their plans for the investments they have been making in the various components of the tape environment including drives, media, libraries and software. These are the investments that will ensure the long term advantages of this technology for many decades to come.

“It’s about the changing role of tape and future scaling potential and the recent demonstration which achieved 123 billion bits per square inch on linear magnetic tape, the equivalent of 220 TB,” said Mark Lantz, Ph.D., Principle Research Staff Member at IBM. “One of the main advantages of using tape is total cost of ownership.”

The group also heard from Nathan Thompson, CEO of Spectra Logic, who discussed the evolving role of tape and deep storage.

The Summit included the all-important end user speakers, who brought a dose of reality to the meeting and shared how they are planning for the future and their thought processes in evaluation the best solutions for long term massive storage. The speaker line-up was impressive, including: David Yu from Brookhaven National Labs, the eighth largest HPC site in the world, who shared the company’s strategy for managing petabyte scale scientific data with exponential growth rates; and Aaron Ogus, Partner Development Manager for Microsoft Azure Storage who spoke about storing huge amounts of data while focusing on optimizing storage costs and system performance.

“Tape is cruising along at 220TB. With tape, you can use existing technology – it has more areal space. It’s cheaper media, with cheaper solutions, and it works,” said Ogus. “Tape has a much more credible roadmap.”

The afternoon program included a bonus presentation by David Cerf of Crossroads on the many features and benefits of Fujifilm’s Dternity, a cost-effective, reliable and highly scaleable on-site and off-site archival solution.

Rounding out the end user presentations were cutting edge media and entertainment storage experts Josh Haynie from eFilm, and Aaron Brenner from Showrunner and formerly with the LA Kings. 

Day Two of the Summit began with special guest speaker Brian Weick, PhD., from the University of the Pacific, who delivered a presentation on the “Dimensional Stability” of magnetic tapes based on his own independent research that shows tape’s dimensional stability to be between 30 and 100 years; and continued with analyst presentations.

Jon Toigo, Managing Principle, Toigo Partners International, delivered a presentation in the spirit of the Hollywood setting, speaking about “Jurassic Infrastructure,” “Storage Wars,” and having the “Archivinator,” proclaim “I’m old, but not obsolete – just like tape!”

He was followed by a lively speaker panel moderated by IT writer and author, Drew Robb.

“There’s a use case for tape, and also for import-export from the cloud,” said Tom Wultich, Senior Director, Oracle Archive Product and Program Management. “There are no universal storage answers, but there are choices for various needs and reasons.”

In addition to the presentations, speaker panels and group discussions, the meeting offered plenty of opportunity for attendees to network with peers and industry experts, fast becoming a hallmark of these annual meetings. Holding the Summit in Hollywood also afforded the attendees fun special events including dinner and entertainment at the American Society of Cinematographers; and a private tour of Disney Burbank Studios where Walt Disney himself worked and where their feature animated films are produced, followed by dinner in famed Malibu Beach.

“We really enjoyed all the presentations these past couple of days,” said Faulhaber. “This meeting always provides a great opportunity to bring together the vendors, industry experts and the end users to exchange valuable information about the storage industry and the solutions we have to meet the challenges that lie ahead. I think the main takeaway this year is that there are highly committed and innovative players investing in tape and the technology has a very bright future.”

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The conference was wonderful. The materials and discussions were great.
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