Dear Valued TapePower Customer:

Thank you for your support of FUJIFILM Recording Media U.S.A., Inc. (“Fujifilm”) and we especially appreciate your trust in Fujifilm’s data storage products.

At Fujifilm, we continually strive to adapt our tape cartridge programs to best meet the needs of all our loyal end-user customers. You may have already taken advantage of one of our exciting end user promotions, which we roll out on a quarterly basis.

As a result, please be informed that Fujiflm’s TapePower membership program will be discontinued effective as of March 31, 2022. Existing TapePower members shall have a period of up to thirty (30) days, or until April 30, 2022, to redeem eligible MegaPoints earned prior to the discontinuance date (i.e., March 31, 2022). Eligible MegaPoints not redeemed by 11:59 p.m. est on April 30, 2022, shall automatically expire without further notice.

We sincerely thank you for your participation in Fujifilm’s TapePower Program and look forward to a bright future together as tape plays an ever-increasing role in helping you manage data growth, long term storage, cybersecurity strategies, and your organization’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

Please feel free to contact Tony Ling at with any questions.

FUJIFILM TapePower Center - Program Rules

TapePower Membership Program Terms and Conditions

The FUJIFILM Recording Media U.S.A., Inc. ("Fujifilm") TapePower membership program (the "Program") is offered exclusively to corporate end-user purchasers of Fujifilm storage media, as a membership rewards program through which registered end-user members can earn points based on purchases of certain Fujifilm storage media, as identified on the MegaPoints Value Reference List available for download through the TapePower Program website at (the "Program Site"). Accumulated points may then be redeemed on-line through the Program Site for various business support products, as described on the Rewards page of the Program Site.

Membership and General Program Information

Please read these Program Terms and Conditions carefully before determining to participate in the Program. By becoming a member in the Program, you represent that you are authorized to act on behalf of your business organization and you agree on behalf of your business organization to be bound by these Program Terms and Conditions, as modified by Fujifilm at its discretion from time to time. If you are not properly authorized or if you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, you should not become a member of the Program.

If you become a member of the Program and thereby agree to be bound by these Program Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge it is your responsibility to check this Site from time to time for updates or modifications to these Terms and Conditions and to familiarize yourself with any such updates or modifications which may pertain to you. If at any time you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions, you may provide Fujifilm with written notice of your intention to terminate your participation in the Program, in which event all accumulated points in your Member account will be forfeited as of the date Fujifilm receives such notice.

Fujifilm reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions, including without limitation, the required MegaPoint Reward levels for any given redemption reward, the available reward products, and the applicable time period for redemption. In addition, Fujifilm reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate the Program at any time upon notice to the Program members (to be posted on the Program Site or otherwise), in which event Program members will be given a specified period of time (to be at least 30 days) to redeem any earned points in their Program accounts, after which time all points will be deemed to have expired and will be void and of no effect.

Points earned as part of the Fujifilm TapePower Program may be redeemed for the then-offered MegaPoint Rewards in accordance with these Program Terms and Conditions. Membership in the Program is the property of the corporate end-user purchaser with administration of Membership accounts by the Member’s authorized representatives and are not transferable outside of the Member corporation for any reason, at any time.

Personally Identifiable Information

While Fujifilm does not generally require that you provide personally identifiable information to visit and use the Program Site, please note that in order to participate in the Fujifilm TapePower Program, it may become necessary for you to provide certain personally identifiable information (for instance, you may be required to provide your legal name, company name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, and various other information necessary to identify you in the event you need assistance with your Membership account user name and password). If you choose not to provide this personally identifiable information when requested, you will not be able to participate in the Program and your Membership account may be deactivated.

How such personally identifiable information will be used by Fujifilm and its third party service providers is outlined in the Privacy Policy linked to the Site.

Eligibility and Registration

Corporate end-users within the continental United States that are 18 years of age or older are the sole parties eligible to participate in the Program. Resellers and distributors of Fujifilm products are specifically not eligible to participate in the Program. All Members must register with their corporate address and corporate email in order to be eligible for the Program. To register, an individual simply goes to the registration page, fills out all information requested, selects a unique password that will apply to his/her Member account, and clicks “Submit”.

Member Password & Program Account Access

Members must select a password as part of the registration process. The login “user name” is assigned by the Program system and will be Member’s provided business email address. Passwords are customized by Member and can be changed by Member at any time through the Update Profile and Update Password functions. User names and passwords are case sensitive.

In order to prevent unauthorized activity by third parties, Member must give Fujifilm the user name and password to update Member profile information and process Fujifilm TapePower point rewards. Once received, Fujifilm will encrypt Member's password on the Fujifilm Program database. Member is responsible for keeping his/her user name and password confidential and is solely responsible for all activities that occur under Member's user name and password, including all unauthorized activities. For security purposes, Member is encouraged to memorize, and not to write down, his/her user name and password and otherwise user name and password should be retained in a secure location.

Member agrees to (a) promptly notify Fujifilm of any unauthorized use of Member's user name and password or any other breach of security related to the Program Site, and (b) ensure that Member properly exits from Member's account upon completing any desired tasks, by logging out. Member further agrees to abide by all applicable local, state, federal, and international laws and regulations with respect to Member's account.

Fujifilm will be entitled to act on any instructions received under Member's user name and password and will not be liable for any reward point redemptions made by another individual using a Member's Program account, or otherwise for any loss or damage arising from any security issue relating to Member’s Program account, including without limitation from Member's failure to adequately safeguard Member's user name and/or password. Each Member consents to Fujifilm or its third party fulfillment coordinator being able to access his or her Program account and records to confirm transactions and/or to investigate complaints or allegations of abuse. Fujifilm may determine not to disclose the existence or occurrence of any such investigation unless required by law.

Generally, only the Member named on the account will be entitled to access Program account information. However, Fujifilm does comply with court orders and subpoenas and cooperates with investigations by state and federal agencies. Under these and similar circumstances, a Member’s Program account information may be shared with others with or without his or her knowledge or consent.

Earning MegaPoints

After registration is complete (with the provided corporate street and email addresses verified by Fujifilm, and with login user name and password being established), the Member's Program account will be eligible to earn points.

To earn points in the Fujifilm TapePower Program after your registration on the Program Site is validated, simply purchase eligible Fujifilm products as described on the MegaPoints Value Reference List and then log into the “My Points” section of the Program Site to submit a new claim via the online claim form. Claims will be reviewed and approved or denied by Fujifilm within thirty (30) days of submission date. Program Members shall be notified via email through the Program Site when a claim is either approved or denied.

Members may earn points for each eligible Fujifilm product claimed through the Program starting as of the date that Fujifilm approves Member’s application for enrollment in the Program. Always refer to the online claim form for up-to-date point values for participating products.

Points are deemed earned as of the date posted to Member’s account upon approval. Once points are posted to the Member’s account, they may be redeemed by the Program Member for MegaPoint Rewards in accordance with the instructions provided below. If points have not posted to your account within four (4) weeks of your submission of your claim, please e-mail the Program coordinator at: to inquire as to status.

Points earned on or after January 1, 2016 shall automatically expire effective one (1) year after the date that such points are posted to Member’s account. Member is responsible for monitoring point expiration by visiting the “My Points” section of the Program Site.

To Redeem Points for MegaPoint Rewards:

Fujifilm will provide Members with MegaPoint Rewards offered by Fujifilm and selected by the Member from a specified Rewards list (along with the corresponding points required) posted on the Program Site under “View Rewards”. Fujifilm reserves the right to change the number and nature of rewards offered in connection with the Program, or the number of required points for redemption of any given reward, at any time. MegaPoint Rewards in the form of a rebate check shall be made payable to the Member corporate entity and limited to twenty (20) rebate checks in the aggregate per calendar year.

Points may not be redeemed for Fujifilm data tape products.

To redeem points for MegaPoint Rewards on the Program Site:

  • Click on the desired award for more information. You can then select the item and the applicable quantity for redemption. Upon selection, click "Add to Shopping Cart." The selected award is then transferred to the shopping cart. When your MegaPoint Rewards redemption shopping is complete, click “Checkout”.
  • Confirm your shipping address and contact information. Shipping address must be a valid corporate street address and must match the address provided for the registered account.
  • Submit your MegaPoint Rewards redemption order by clicking "Submit."

Note that once your redemption request has been shipped, it may not be cancelled for any reason.

Fujifilm will generally undertake to process a submitted redemption within one (1) week of Fujifilm’s receipt of the redemption order. Please allow six to eight (6 - 8) weeks for final delivery of all MegaPoint Rewards. Delivery of the MegaPoint Rewards will be subject to availability in each instance. If a redeemed MegaPoint Reward is out of stock, Fujifilm will either "hold" the redemption order until the selected Reward is available to be sent to the Program Member, or will substitute a product of approximately equivalent functionality and value, if available.

Shipments are sent via ground and require signature for delivery. Fujifilm is not responsible for late, lost or misdirected mail, damage or delays. Shipments will be sent to the provided corporate address on the Program Member’s account. Shipments cannot be made to P.O. boxes or outside of the continental U.S.

Participants may return and exchange MegaPoint Rewards within thirty (30) days for any reason, provided that any returned merchandise is returned in good working order, in its original packaging with all packing materials, accessories, plastic bags and manuals. Please e-mail your TapePower coordinator at: for instructions on returns and questions. Refunds will be issued in points only.

MegaPoint Rewards that are defective/damaged as of the time of receipt by the Member must also be returned to Fujifilm within thirty (30) days of receipt and will be replaced by Fujifilm with the same or a similar award. Any Rewards returned for defect/damage must also be returned in its original packaging with all packing materials, accessories, plastic bags and manuals. Fujifilm is not responsible for damage, breakage or loss occurring after receipt by the Member, (including due to abuse or misuse, or otherwise after use by the Member). Warranty claims must be submitted through the applicable manufacturer.

Additional Program Details / Information

Fujifilm reserves the right, upon notice to Member, to terminate Member’s account and/or expire Member points after 180 days of inactivity on Member’s account commencing from the date of any prior claim approved by Fujifilm.

Each Program Member acknowledges and agrees that Fujifilm, its affiliated companies, and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents (the “Fujifilm parties”) will have no liability for any liability, injury, damage, loss, cost or claim suffered or incurred by reason of, or in connection with, the Member’s participation in the Program or use of the Program Site, or his or her acceptance, possession, use or misuse of any MegaPoint Reward, even if due to the fault or negligence of the Fujifilm parties.

Program Members are responsible for determining, recording, and paying all federal, state, and local taxes related to redeemed MegaPoint Rewards, and members are expected to keep proper records of all MegaPoint Reward redemptions. Members are encouraged to consult with their tax advisors for tax guidance specific to them. Any and all tax liabilities arising from the Program are the sole responsibility of the Member. Note that applicable sales tax and shipping charges are included in all referenced MegaPoint Reward point values referenced.

Any fraudulent submission of Point or Redemption Claims could result in federal, state and local prosecution under the federal, state and/or local laws. Fujifilm will cooperate with federal, state and local authorities as necessary to maintain the full integrity of the Program.

The Program is void where prohibited by law. Offers made available pursuant to the Fujifilm TapePower Program may not be combined with any other Fujifilm promotional offers unless specifically authorized by Fujifilm in each instance. Fujifilm is not responsible for typographical errors in Program materials and in such event, will undertake to notify Members of the correct descriptions or values when any such error comes to its attention, through a Program Site posting or otherwise. Furthermore, Fujifilm is not responsible for delays or errors arising due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, and its only responsibility with respect to Program implementation is to use commercially reasonable efforts to timely implement the Program in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

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