Fujifilm's 4nd Annual IT Executive Seminar - Into Tomorrow with Tape Storage

Protecting The Data... and The Bottom Line!

September 12 - 15, Westin, Georgetown, Washington D.C.

Building a Better Business Value Case for Tape
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Active Archive Providing 'Tape as NAS'
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Legacy Data Remediation and the Potential Future Impact of LTFS
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IT Challenges when Dealing with Long-Term or Infinite Data
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RAIT and Other Software Technologies for Long-Term Massive Tape Archives
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From DIAMOND to Archive: File-Based Workflows... Keeping up with the Technologies
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The Contemporary and Future Applicability of Tape
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Challenges Associated with Migration of Large Archives
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Special Report:

Are You ready for “iTape”?

by Jon Toigo, Toigo Partners International

The event provided perhaps the best signal-to-noise-ratio of any technology event I have attended this year
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More Highlights from Last Year

The conference was wonderful. The materials and discussions were great.
More from the 2011 Conference
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