TCO Calculator (pdf )

Try our TCO calculator to find out how much you can save by using tape for enterprise backup or archive storage

Stray Magnetic Fields (pdf )

Threat of Accidental Magnetic Media Erasure

Recertified/Reconditioned/Recycled Tape (pdf )

Is It Worth The Risk?

LTO Ultrium Drive and Data Cartridge (pdf )

Question & Answer

LTO Ultrium Data Capacity (pdf )

Data Transfer Rate and Minimum Transfer Rate

NANO3Technology Seminar (pdf )

Fujifilm NANOCUBIC™ Coating Technology - Potential For 8TB Data Storage Tapes

LTO Ultrium Cartridge Tape Media (pdf )

Product Technology and Care & Handling

Data Transfer Rate (pdf )

Question & Answer

Tape Drive Data Compression (pdf )

Question & Answer

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