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FUJIFILM TapePower Center - Support - Product Replacement


Product Replacement (RMA)

Instructions for returning tapes for a warranty claim. Please be aware that our testing WILL destroy any data that may be on the tape.

  1. Please verify that all tapes being submitted for evaluation are Fujiflm brand.
  2. Verify that the tape is not working properly. Check our knowledge base for possible causes and solutions to the problem, and other helpful information. If possible, try using it in a different drive. If the tape works, problem may have been related to the original drive. If problem persists, Fujifilm will be happy to evaluate the tape to determine if it is showing any manufacturing related defects.
  3. If ten or more tapes are involved, please contact a Fujifilm Technical Support Manager before submitting tapes for evaluation. (1-800-488-3854)
  4. Fill out the form:

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    Please be aware that our testing WILL destroy any data that may be on the tape. If you need to recover any data, please do so before submitting tape for warranty evaluation. Once our evaluation is completed, it will be determined if the tapes are eligible for replacement under the terms of Fujifilm's Limited Lifetime Warranty. Tapes that pass our testing and meet specifications for new tapes may be returned to the user.


Questions? Call our technical support department to speak to a product specialist.


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